Who do I ask if I have a problem?
Questions regarding aircraft or flight dynamics should be addressed to Nick Botamer. Questions about the panel should be addressed to Bill Grabowski.

Where do I go if I can't find the answer to my question here?
For technical support, visit the PROJECT ERJ DISCUSSION FORUM.

How do I activate the auto-throttle?
ERJ's are not equipped with an auto-throttle. As such, the pilots control the aircraft's speed at all times during flight.

Why don't my thrust reversers work?
Not all ERJs are equipped with thrust reversers. To see if your ERJ has them or not, look at the name of the air file. If the last letter is an "n" (for example: ER3-nb-s-n.air), then it does not have reversers. If the air file ends with the letter "t", then it does have reversers.

I can see the VC panel when I look left and right in the 2D panel mode. How can I remove this?
This is normal and the way it should be. If the panel is properly installed and updated, when you are not looking straight ahead in the 2D panel mode, you will see parts of the virtual cockpit. There is no way to remove the VC from 2D panel mode without completely removing the VC, which can only be done with the FSDSv2 source files. (The FSDSv2 source files will not be made available for public use. Nor will there be a version without the VC.)